Spice up that Sea Wall!

Let’s talk about that boring sea wall. You know, despite what you’ve seen around… it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out these awesome drip containers along Tom Smith’s sea wall. There is a variety of ways we can spruce up your sea wall. Contact us for ideas and details. We would love to make you say “WOW” every time you look outside.

*Update* Self Watering Container's at Marco Island Florist

Good afternoon fellow gardeners,

I just wanted to show you what one month in a self watering container looks like. I have spent less than 45 minutes on this container since I planted it March 5th. I have never pruned them, only water once a week! These beautiful flowers sit in front of Marco Island Florist, go check them out for yourself :).

Have a Happy Thursday!


"The concept for C3 Gardens has been a dream of mine for almost a decade. I love plants, design, and Florida. After trialing new seasonal plant combinations on Marco Island for 5 years, we are now proud to offer the area the finest Custom, Creative, and Colorful gardens possible."
Jack Barnwell - Partner & Designer