Proven Winners Vinca Varitites

The summer heat and rains have arrived in Southwest Florida, so we are prepping for the HOT & humid days ahead! Vinca's are an excellent plant for in SW FL with their drought tolerance as well as their heat tolerance. In fact, unless you encounter a severe drought, you may not need to provide extra water after the plants get established in the garden. Coming in many colorful varieties that will bloom ALL summer long, as well as upright and trailing versions, you are sure to find the perfect Vinca for your container! Can't wait to see them in your garden!

Caterpillars going crazy?

Caterpillars are supposed to be cute and fun, right? What happens when one starts eating and breeding all over your flowers?! The first step is to cut back as much of the affected areas as possible. Next, use environmentally safe spray (okay for bees) to take care of a caterpillar invasion. It's important to spray at least every three days to make sure you are keeping up with them. Make sure you are getting the tops of the leaves, but also underneath where most of the eggs are laid. It is incredible how fast caterpillars can take down an entire landscape.


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