King Tut (Cyperus papyrus)

King Tut (Cyperus papyrus) has been another great plant for us in Southwest Florida. King Tut is herbaceous perennial and a native to Africa. In the wild it grows in full sun, in flooded swamps and on lake margins throughout Africa, Madagascar and the Mediterranean countries. King Tut has a long history of use by humans, especially Ancient Egyptians - it is how we make papyrus paper. So beyond its beautiful aesthetics, it has been useful for hundreds of years. We use King Tut as a fun eye catching plant that adds texture and can take a beating from the hot, hot Florida sun.

Plant Profile - Persian Shield - Naples Botanical Gardens

I spent some time at Naples Botanical Gardens this afternoon and was really blown away by all the gorgeous sections of the garden. If you haven't been there, it is a must to see in Naples. I was inspired to blog about the bold, vibrant colors of Persian Shield. Persian Shield is beautiful, metallic green/purple foliage originating from Myanmar making it perfect for southwest Florida. Persian Shield planted in partial shade will pick up the light and reflect it back off its leaves. It makes a striking border plant, particularly when paired with soft gray greens or chartreuse.


"I've enjoyed my deck more than ever due to the pots and beautiful flowers! I look forward to expanding my "garden" next year. Thanks so much for making it happen!"
Diane Pearse