Our Exclusive Self-Watering Planters- exceeding expectations!

Our Exclusive Self-Watering Planters- exceeding expectations!

We have been working on prototypes for three years now, and it is finally time to get these incredible planters out to our clients!

The problem with container gardens, especially in the full sun has been the constant need for watering and attention to keep them alive and well. For years we have either had to hand water every two to three days, or make sure every container was set up with some form of drip irrigation. Both of these options are still fine, but can be labor intensive for the first option, and somewhat unsightly for the later option. Drip irrigation is not always ideal on a patio or pool deck where pipes and tubing can be a trip hazard as well.

Depending on the size of the planter, we have had successful results with our system in the full sun lasting up to one month between waterings. Plus, we aren't just using succulents and cactus plants that can handle the drought! No, we are using the same lush, overflowing annuals, perennials, shrubs, and even trees that you would expect to have to water all of the time!!

Our system utilizes a large water reservoir with enough water volume to last at least a week between waterings. The water is wicked up with our soil mix that retains the perfect mix of moisture and air for optimal plant growth. Then, with our garden gurus coming by your property on a weekly basis, we can fill them up, feed them, check Ph and Ec readings and ensure that everything is growing at its maximum potential for that stunning look!

This photo shows one of our Self-Watering Containers on a pool patio. This combination of colors and textures will be very content here, without shedding any blooms or making a mess in the pool!

"We are thrilled with everything. The flowers look beautiful."
Brenda Rhinehart