C3 Gardens Products

"Self-Watering Planters"

Our Exclusive Self-Watering Planter system is truly a revolution in container plant watering. It can be adapted to any existing containers that you may have as well as custom built into new ones. We use a very large reservoir of water to slowly wick water and nutrients to the root base. Many of our containers with our exclusive set up can last 2 or more weeks between waterings, even in the full Florida sun! It is an incredibly efficient use of water, while keeping all of the nutrients in the soil instead of washing them away. There are no drainage holes in the bottom to stain your pool deck or patio, and the larger containers, when full of water will withstand incredible wind forces. Our system has been trialled in Southwest Florida for 5 years, and has produced stunning results time and time again.

"Plants are like people, they love to eat! Feed them a well balanced diet and they'll perform like athletes"
Tom Smith - Partner at C3 Gardens, Founder of Proven Winners