Brand New Plants

Superbells® Apricot Punch Calibrachoa hybrid

Let's talk about more new plants! How gorgeous is the new Superbells® Apricot Punch Calibrachoa hybrid? Abundant, small petunia-like flowers that last all season and have 7-10 inches of cascading growth. They are extremely low maintenance as they are self-cleaning. The bright orange center gives way to the softer orange/yellow color that makes up the edges of the gorgeous Superbells®. Despite its delicate look, it is heat tolerant and set to thrive in zones 9-11 making it a PERFECT plant for us in SWFL. It does best in a container that has ample drainage.

Dark Knight™ Sweet Alyssum Lobularia hybrid

As temperatures are cooling down in Florida the variety of plants that can thrive dramatically increases. I want to tell you about a new Proven Winners plant that has preformed fantastically down here in trails. Last year we tested our Lobularia hybrid, Dark Knight, on one of our Marco Island properties. As you can see in the picture, it preformed extraordinarily well in our container on Marco Island. The contrast between its stunning purple flower and the Blackcherry Supertunia is radiant.


If you are looking for stunning foliage to create a dramatic pop, you've found it. Proven Winner's 'Blackberry Ice' Heuchera has stunning iridescent purple top with black veining leaves, while the undersides display a beautiful amethyst purple. Its heat and humidity tolerance allows it to thrive in the Florida winter and well into Florida's tough summer. Weather you grow it in a container or in the ground - you're going to love it!

Ice Plant

I came across this plant while doing some garden shopping yesterday and thought it would make a great showcase for the week. Ice plant grows year round, with individual shoot segments growing more than 3 ft (1 m) per year. Ice plants can grow to at least 165 ft (50 m) in diameter. Flowering occurs almost year round, beginning in February in southern California (CA as a reference) and continuing through fall in northern California, with flowers present for at least a few months in any given population. Seed production is high, with hundreds of seeds produced in each fruit.

Proven Winners Vinca Varitites

The summer heat and rains have arrived in Southwest Florida, so we are prepping for the HOT & humid days ahead! Vinca's are an excellent plant for in SW FL with their drought tolerance as well as their heat tolerance. In fact, unless you encounter a severe drought, you may not need to provide extra water after the plants get established in the garden. Coming in many colorful varieties that will bloom ALL summer long, as well as upright and trailing versions, you are sure to find the perfect Vinca for your container! Can't wait to see them in your garden!

King Tut (Cyperus papyrus)

King Tut (Cyperus papyrus) has been another great plant for us in Southwest Florida. King Tut is herbaceous perennial and a native to Africa. In the wild it grows in full sun, in flooded swamps and on lake margins throughout Africa, Madagascar and the Mediterranean countries. King Tut has a long history of use by humans, especially Ancient Egyptians - it is how we make papyrus paper. So beyond its beautiful aesthetics, it has been useful for hundreds of years. We use King Tut as a fun eye catching plant that adds texture and can take a beating from the hot, hot Florida sun.

Plant Profile - Persian Shield - Naples Botanical Gardens

I spent some time at Naples Botanical Gardens this afternoon and was really blown away by all the gorgeous sections of the garden. If you haven't been there, it is a must to see in Naples. I was inspired to blog about the bold, vibrant colors of Persian Shield. Persian Shield is beautiful, metallic green/purple foliage originating from Myanmar making it perfect for southwest Florida. Persian Shield planted in partial shade will pick up the light and reflect it back off its leaves. It makes a striking border plant, particularly when paired with soft gray greens or chartreuse.

Pretty Much Picasso Supertunia - Eye-catching color!

I am so excited to be showcasing this beautiful 'Pretty Much Picasso' Supertunia from Proven Winners this week. I fell in love with its unique design and colors from the moment I saw it. Have you ever seen anything like it? I'm even more excited to announce that more colors will be coming out in 2016. So far 'Pretty Much Picasso' has one sister tunia called 'Picasso in Pink' which exhibits a slightly lighter color, also stunning. I cannot wait to showcase them in my own garden and hopefully yours!

Black Cherry Supertunia - Incredible color, vigorous grower

We cannot say enough great things about the performance of the new Black Cherry Supertunia from Proven Winners. This plant, not scheduled for release until Spring of 2015 has been absolutely at home here in Southwest Florida. It has tolerated very heavy rains, strong winds, and chilly nights without missing a beat! 

"C3's customer service and finished products are second to none. They helped me put the WOW factor in my lanai. And the maintenance program is just wonderful. I highly recommend C3's products and services, they are very professional and responsive!"
Karen Famiglietti